I was watching a Brazilian TV show called Linha Direta, which is more or less a local version of America's Most Wanted. It told the story of two brothers who lived in the district of Barra da Tijuca, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. They killed their respective girlfriends (who were also sisters) for their money.

Some time into the show my sense of self became distributed between watching the show and actually being one of the brothers. I experienced desire to see the bastards caught, simultaneously with not wanting to be caught.

There was a barbecue party at the brothers' house (it was a lower-middle-class house, although most of the residences in the actual district are rich apartment buildings). One of the friends was fertilizing the lawn with some food remains (no, the bodies weren't there). We/they were worried that people might find the small wooden boxes with the girls' belongings (jewels, money) in the wardrobe. I suppose at that time the girls were missing but not long enough for people to be worried.

Note: people host barbecue parties a lot in Brazil, but we sure as hell don't grill hamburgers!