Greetings from Houston!

We came over here to H-Town (as my friends call it) for my cousins birthday. We left Miami and it was 98 degrees (no, not the stupid band) weather, and came to Houston's 96 degrees weather. I thought it would cool down a bit over here, but noooo, it's still hot.

Today is my cousin's birthday party (he can cry if he wants to). I bought him the perfect gift yesterday. The Lord of the Rings DVD! There was some stupid "limit one per person" deal at the store, so I couldn't pick one up for myself. That, and I was too lazy to look through another store.

I've been talking to some of my other cousins and some of the gifts which they have gotten him are: the Lateralus CD from Tool (which, might I add, is one of the best CD's ever), Final Fantasy VI for PlayStation (oh, that reminds me, as soon as I get home, I have to play that game...again), and yes, someone else has gotten the LOTR on DVD. So I'm thinking I should keep my copy for myself, and get him another present. But now I can't figure out what to get him.

Well, he is a fan of football (the American kind, not the British version). He's been excited ever since he got word that the new expansion team, the Houston Texans, would be coming to his hometown. I remember when Houston lost the Houston Oilers franchise, and had them move to Tennessee. He was pretty angry to say the least. Well, I might try to find something related to football.

Ugh, I can't decide. I'll just get him some money and let him decide what he wants. He better appreciate it too. Money doesn't come cheap...