I ask you, will I ever get home? This past week, I've been home for about a day. Let's summarize my past week or so. I went over to Houston for my cousin's birthday. Had fun, gave him the Lord of the Rings DVD, and bought some cool T-shirts from a nearby mall.

I came back home to Miami, only to leave to Orlando the next day. Let's summarize my experiences to Disney World. Imagine seven people cramming into a 2001 Toyota Corolla. Can you imagine it? No? Well, too bad, because that's what we did. It was my cousin's car--he had it dropped, and had put in huge tires with big rims. Now, the condition of that car, coupled with the fact that we had seven people in it, caused the body of the car to somewhat stab into the tires. So, basically we had car troubles. That was no worry, because I had my Radiohead CD and Tool CD to keep me company (no, the "company" which I am referring to, does not involve the hole in the CD, and me sticking "stuff" into it--get your mind out of the gutter). Well, while at Disney, it started pouring, causing most of the rides to close down. Then on our way back to Miami, we had to rent a car, and we stayed an extra night in Orlando. Well, we finally arrived to Miami, and staying here less than a day, I find that I am leaving again.

Where am I going this time? Well, I am going about an hours drive away to Ft. Lauderdale for a religious thing called a "jamaat." I will stay there for three days, and come back probably on Sunday.

Now, always being away from home isn't that bad, except for one thing. I have been on a mission to download every single Simpsons episode ever (or at least, all of them after season six). Now, due to the fact that I have a 56K modem, downloading these enormous episodes takes forever. Now, that, and the fact that I'm never home to dowlnoad them, will take forever and a half. So, let's just hope I come home quickly, so I can continue with this downloading, and spend some more time on E2.