So tomorrow is August 15. August 15 is known across the world as India's independence day. So I'd like to wish all Indians a Happy Independence Day beforehand. But today is August 14, also known as Pakistan's Independence Day. So I'd like to wish all my friends and family a Happy Pakistan Independence Day. About 55 years ago to the date, Pakistan gained its independence from Great Britian, one day before India.

I'm still in Orlando as of today. We were supposed to be in Miami today, and visit family and friends for this celebration, but we had car problems, and had to spend an extra day in Orlando. Well, we'll probably be back in Miami tomorrow, Inshallah.

There are exactly two weeks until the start of college. It's going to feel pretty weird to start school on a Wednesday, but i guess it's two days of extra rest (or five days without rest, if school began the next week). Well, before I leave, I want to inform you again of Pakistan's Independence Day. Pakistan Zindabad!