The nature of the Sandwich Birthing Machine is not exactly understood by scientists, but popular folk lore suggests that they were first utilized in primitive Greek Bistros, in the island or Crete. Here, it is said that the ancient Cretans made a pact with the Gods and were given the first sandwich mother. Immediately, the population of Crete was reduced to obesity, and faced destruction.

It was at this time in history that the legendary Bistrophidipides Deli emerged. Seeing his fellow people growing fat and week, he took it upon himself to control the creatures. He founded the Sacred Order of Deli, and simultaneously the Sandwich Birthing Machines all but vanished from the face of the Earth. It was around this time in history that the gyro was becoming popular. These sandwiches, were, at first called Deli's Evil Conspiratorial Not Birthed Sandwiches, but the name was changed for some odd reason.

In modern day times, what the Sandwich Birthing Machine actually looks like, many will never know. Some say it looks like a massive queen ant, constantly being fed royal sandwich jelly. Most, however, suggest it is merely a myth used to further delude the delusional.

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