SimFarm is one of the lesser-known of the many Sim games made by Maxis which included Simcity, Simearth Simant, etc. It basically consisted of owning a farm in a simcity-type atmosphere, managing crops and livestock and dealing with a town nearby which you didnt have much control over (you got to vote on what they would build). The interface wasnt all that great (for instance, if you sold a cow, you couldnt choose which one, one of your cows would just randomly disappear) and the real key to the game was importing high-priced crops like oranges or strawberries from the crop database. The game wasnt that hard but got sorta tedious after a while. Livestock were a pain in the butt because they would eat the food in like 2 seconds then break out of their pens and eat your crops. And of course, there was the simcitylike disasters like tornados and floods that would come ripping through your farm, unless you turned them off.

(note: there were several other SIM games including simtower, simisle and even simhealthcare which i dont know enough about to write up.. maybe someone else does.