I remember making the customary Hello World program in Visual Basic class last year.
Now that seems so fucking trite.
Soon I will start college, an EECS major at a premier University. I got two B’s in High School: one in math, one in science. What am I thinking?
It’s all nervous energy now. That “this-is-gonna-be- good” edge-of-your-seat sensation one gets just before Christmastime that pumps the adrenaline through your veins at an alarming rate.
Soon I’ll be getting good grades, sailing through – stumbling through – on my way towards Corporate America. I’ll work for forty years, giving my back, my eyes, and my marriage to the company. I’ll retire to a life of bitching about the morning paper getting wet, watching The Price is Right, and telling the boys at the bar how good I was, once upon a time.
I’m usually such a happy person. God knows what’s made me so reflective tonight.
It’s full moon fever. But it doesn’t matter.
Here I am World.