Inflatable_Monk has become a Monk

Well, I don't mean that literally, but I will be backing off for awhile. I am going to discipline myself. I am on a spiritual quest you could say, an E2 fast. I think E2 is wonderful and I think the people on E2 are wonderful, I just believe I should back off for awhile. At the least it will be 10 days.

I have come up with a set of rules I am putting before myself. If any of you catch me breaking these rules, notify me immediately.

  1. I will not engage in any shape or form in Chatterbox discussions.
  2. I will only be allowed 1 usergroup or personal message to send per day.
  3. This will be my last node for quite sometime, if any other nodes are released, including Daylogs (excluding April 24, 2003), please notify me.
  4. Votes alloted per day will be spent daily.

Some of you are probably just scratching your heads right now. Why in the heck would I do something like this? One simple reason. I want to. That's all you need to know.

Farewell. For now.

P.S. One thing I forgot to mention and I should have, is that this fast is to pray for my first date. This is a later edit. I didn't really realize what I was fasting until a couple days later.