Holidays, holidays, let us now bless and cherish holidays....

The thinks you can think have nothing on the doings that you can do, if only you try. Scrape the emotional bullshit from the treads of your Blundstones and dance.

Shall we concentrate on the fun?

Moulin Rouge DVD with cut scenes and extra songs

Homebake!!! Extra-special day highlights from Machine Gun Fellatio all hail gigs with giant chinese fans, condoms rather than beachballs for the crowd to toss and roller blades- those kids do one hell of a stage show, Sonic Animation GO THE FURRY DUDES and TISM See it to believe it, you really, really must. All fun. All party atmosphere. Sydney lights. Music-lovers rather than trendoid teens. Spanky.

Kosher Theatresports. Comedy, Star Wars, music, opera and audience members straight from The Nanny. Cute interesting lads in leather pants. Potatoes and cancer. Free drinks and chocolate.

Open mic comedy night, the year's best jokes. Cacksville. More drinks. Divinely inspired pool prowess.

Dinner at The Rocks with an old, old friend. The Orient beer garden. Rediscovering old friendship. Delight at concurrent evolution. Lit up Harbour Bridge smiling a welcome home.

Blue mountains. Cold and clean and stunning vistas, hazy and happy-sad memories, new memories of friendship and comfortable togetherness overlaying the past.

They might be giants at The Metro. Mindblowingly awesome. Two hours, two encores, much dancing, huge and happy energy.

Musty fairytale secondhand bookshops with ceiling-high shelves and twisty ladders, finding treasured-memory books thought gone forever and getting back lent copies of Illuminatus and Coupland. New Leunig.

Lazy hanging-out book reading in companiable silence.

Good wine and Trivial pursuit. Rage, breakfast and more books. Reworking lyrics and falling down in helpless fits of giggles and red-faced foolishness.

Holidays. NSW. 18 months and this can be my REAL life. Priority readjustments, and much of it may exist in the now.