This is the only interesting event of my day, a conversation occuring at the table behind me tonight at dinner in my local dining hall:
    Girl 1: the professor was talking about this thing, with this big silver thing catching fire and crashing. I remember the movie, but I can't remember when it happenned.

    me: the Hindenburg?

    Girl 2: Didn't that happen in the eighties?

    Girl 1: No, you're thinking of the Challenger. It was like a blimp, and it had people on it, eating dinner with pianos and stuff.

    Guy: Oh, the Zepplin!

    me: the Hindenburg.

    Girl 1: Yeah, I think it happenned in New York, in 1939.

    me: New Jersey, actually.
    (Though I didn't know it either, it was actually in 1937, too.)

    Girl 2: New York? I don't remember that.

    Guy: No, it was in Germany.

    me: what?

    Girl 2: Ooh.

    Girl 1: No, I'm sure it was in New York.

    Guy: No, it was in Germany, it was the Nazis.

    me: what?? It was in Lakehurst, New Jersey. It was a transatlantic passenger zepplin.

    Guy: <nasty look>

    Girl 1: No, there were people eating dinner. And pianos.

    Guy: No, remember The Rocketeer? With the blimps with the swastikas and stuff?

    Girl 1: Ooh, yeah, you're right. And you thought it was the Challenger.

    Guy: <smug> Ha, ha. And you thought it was in New York.

    me: (getting up to leave) And you. Thought. It was in Germany, you complete. Ignorant. Ass.

I guarantee this is at least 85% true, and the other 15% is phrasing and unimportant details that I forgot. Note that these were all Ivy League students we're talking about.