While I'm only writing about this now, the actual events took place a week ago, so it could have gone under April 17, 2003, or even better...

How I kinda Accidentally Started The sorta Orgy

Short Form: I took my pants off.

Longer Form: First, it bears mentioning that my group of friends have a tradition, invented this year, called "pizza night", held on Wednesdays at 11 PM. Originally, the idea was to mimic what we thought of as regular people, spending a night with friends indoors, sober, eating pizza. Of course, as the weeks went by, the sober part kind of got chipped away - some wine one week, and then weed a few weeks later, and then finally hard liquor. This week was vodka.

I walked in at 11, and learned first, that I was three hours behind on the drinking, and second, that the night had been designated bukkake night, with a game of chicken between my girlfriend and my guy friends as to who was going to call the bluff. It didn't actually come to that (rimshot), but enough of us expressed willingness. This, however, was the kind of willingness you express sitting fully clothed on someone's bed with a wineglass of plastic-bottle vodka. I think that kind of willingness is boring, and I figured it couldn't hurt to show them up. So, about an hour, two slices, and a couple of shots later, I took my pants off. And most everybody else took off some clothes, whether to prove that they would or because it was the thing to do or because they were drunk, I don't know. Some fun, then another plateau. So I took my shirt off. Same response. By the time I would have come to the boxers, the thing had its own momentum. By 1 or so, there were 9 of us, 4 girls and 5 guys, though all the numbers varied somewhat as people came in and out (rimshot), mostly naked, and mostly getting on each other. I don't think I'll get into the details, but I'll say I don't think it was a true orgy, with too little partner-switching (we mostly stayed in the mated pairs we came in as), and only two people orgasmed. The music was horrible, going from overdone classical to neither-the-time-nor-the-place Tom Waits to, incredibly, the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, which was put on by one of the few sober participants just to fuck with the rest of us. After a bit of fun, the whole thing dissipated around 3 for no reason I could determine.

So, what do I think of this? Well... I can't complain. I'd seen many of the people naked before - our dorm has a tradition of skinny-dipping in a plastic children's pool in the courtyard (the dorm also has a tradition of orgies, but that's another matter), but that was a surprisingly unsexual context. I think it did us good - bonding experience and all, weird as it was, and walking around the next day it was amazing how much submerged sexual tension we lacked, had something I never noticed when it was there. There was subtext, yes - the couple that had seemed to be trying, for a few weeks, to draw in another friend as third might still be trying, I certainly can't picture the night as having dashed those hopes, and the network of crushes on other people's SOs probably remained intact, but it wasn't something that wore on you. We had taken the first step of identifying each other as sexual beings and putting our cards on the table. Of course, everyone else who hadn't been there was abuzz for a day or two, but hey, let them talk. I enjoyed myself.

Aah, college. Aah, daylogs.