The Stage Manager's job can be a complex one. To start off with, he is responsible for anything and everything that needs to be done on stage, as well as backstage. Of course, a lot of this is delegated to other members of the crew, but the overall responsibility eventually falls on the Stage Manager

Building the set is one of the main jobs to do before and during the get-in for the show. A lot of the larger pieces of scenery should have been built elsewhere before the get-in starts, but there are some things that have to wait until the theatre itself is available.

During a performance, it is the stage manager who has the responsibility for the safety of all people in the theatre. Often he will delegate responsibility for the audience to a front-of-house manager, and for the techies in the proj box to the chief electrician. However, it would still remain the Stage Manager's responsibility to ensure that everyone on and backstage is safe, and to evacuate them in the case of an emergency.

After a show, the Stage manager has the job of making sure that the theatre has been tidied up, and that the get-out is completed safely and successfully.

If I have missed anything important, do either /msg me, or add it yourself - my experience with stage managing has only been in an amateur capacity at university and school.

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