The get-in of a play, concert, or other kind of show, is the period when the techies are in the venue, and are putting all the equipment where it should be, before any actors start rehearsing on the set. The get-in is usually finished before the tech stagger, or tech run, but sometimes parts of the get-in can still be going on after the dress run (as long as they are finished before the first performance...)

If is important that the stage manager, chief electrician, and sound engineer work out together which order things are going to be done in, so that they don't all get in each other's way. Often a get-in can last up to, and over a week, although for very small shows, a few hours can be enough.

The get-in is also useful for getting to know newer members of the crew - before you have to trust them to do something on the spot during a performance. It's always useful to know the rest of the crew well before it gets to performance time.

At the other end of the show is the get-out, which is when everything is taken down at the end.

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