The tech run is the name given to the rehearsal of a theatre production at which the main focus is to get the technical aspects right (compare dress run). The show is run all the way through with all the cast (as opposed to a tech stagger), stopping only if a technical event goes badly wrong, and needs to be sorted out.

One problem that often occurs during a tech run is that the director tries to turn it into an acting rehearsal, telling the cast what they should be doing in one of the stops in the run. They should have been informed before that the tech run is purely for the benefit of the technical team, and that it would go a lot quicker if the director left the tech team (techies) to get on with it.

If the techies feel that a tech run isn't going to go particularly well, and that there might be a lot of stopping and starting, then they may often refer to is as a tech stumble.

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