The scrum in Winchester College football. Refers both to the players, and the thing that is done by them. Also a verb, to hot, which means to take part in a hot.

When the game is six a side there are three players in the hot, one row of three. When the game is nine a side there is a second row of two men. If the game includes ten people per side then there is one man in the third row. At fifteen a side there are two hangers on in the second row. The player in the middle of the front row is called the OP. The apart from this the positions are described using rugby terminology.

During the act of a hot the two hots form up as in rugby. The ball is put in by the hotwatch of the side that has been awarded the hot. The OP cannot hook the ball as the hooker in rugby can, but once his team have pushed sufficently far that his centre of mass is over the ball then he may heel it back.