My son is sick. He may have Chicken Pox, but I don't think so. I was a Corpsman, so I know what Chicken Pox looks like, and that ain't them. Of course I have never seen it on a 11 month old baby before either.

Wife and daughter went to go see great-grandma at great-grandma's Assisted living facility. I wasn't going to go anyway, but now I am stuck with a sick baby and no car. I was going to walk up to the local blockbuster and get a Playstation game or a DVD, but that looks unlikely now.

Sunday afternoon sex looks equally unlikely, since half the parties are away for the afternoon. This evening, perhaps.

My wife has been pregnant twice. She gained weight, as is natural, but not so much that she became unnatractive to me. She has always been very self conscious about it, just like most women in America today. I found a picture of her from the last time she was pregnant, about 15 months ago. In it she was a lot heavier than she is now. It made me think about how hard she works to stay in shape. She runs, lifts weights, does aerobics. All this so she looks better for me.
I don't deserve my wife.

Ceaser salad, mesquite smoked New York Strip Steaks, steamed rice, and maybe green beans with some italian dressing. Dessert of strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and angel food cake.