I got in to work early this morning, about ten minutes before seven. I don't really have set hours, but generally work from 8am to 4:30pm.

My wife and I are dropping the kids off with grandma this evening, so we can spend he weekend together. I said yesterday the my marriage is failing, and it is, but we can still do things together. Maybe even still be intimate. I can hope...I am lonely.

There is this guy i work with. He is resisting the departmental shift toward Macromedia's Dreamweaver because he is incompetent. He can only use MS Frontpage, and that only barely. He is our "Deputy for Web Production", whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. Really, what can you do? Today I am going to go in and remove all of the bogus tags that Frontpage puts in, clean up the HTML, then call and say "Oh, I made some changes to the pages you put up yesterday, tell me what you think."