At work, already finished the things I didn't do Friday afternoon.
I didn't do them because my new PC is here. It has a full tower case! It is huge. I have never sat at a desk that it could fit under. It has 6 (!) expansion bays in the front, two HDD bays on top and two in the middle. It came with two case fans, one sucking low and one blowing high, and a power supply with a fan plus a redundant fan in it as well. It also has three more cages to put fams in.

I am so stoked. 50x CD-ROM. 8x/4x/32x CD-RW. 20GB 7200RPM HDD.

It's too bad I have to wait for this weekend to drive down and take it home. I am not carrying that beast on the subway.

My SO has a yeast infection from the pennicillin she is on. I feel really bad because I know she is really uncomfortable and can't do anything about it until she is off the medication.

Crime Stats website today: Must re-do database, finish CFML code for queries, results. Tracking? What are people looking at, maybe? I will see if they want it. Shouldn't be to hard...