I got to work late, around 8:30. It doesn't matter, because no one really cares.

My job is stupid. I am currently fixing someone else's bad code and a poorly designed project that is in reality the demo version of the product, which will be later ported to Java. That's right, I am being paid to fix/redesign a fake application, so it looks good enough to get it by the client and the usability people. Then it gets re-written by the Java team.

At 1:00pm we all went to the company picnic. Joy. There was much standing around and talking about work.

8:00pm found me in Baltimore, at Czeano's house, where I met a couple of his cool friends, and introduced them all to the Martini of Death. We also got to see the scans of Eat Poop You Cat from the recent gathering that produced them.

I didn't get home until almost two in the morning, about five hours before I needed to get up and head to work again...