"You see, it's a problem of motivation, Bob."

I seem totally disinterested in my life right now. It's absurd, because I am so busy, and there's so much going on. I have college classes in the mornings, until around 1 PM, and then I head to my web design/programming job until 5 PM. I come home, fuck around doing whatever, do some homework and study, and it's time for bed.

I also didn't get accepted into RIT, which is the school I've been dreaming about for three years. My GPA is a pathetic 2.4, and I am just flat out lazy. Why?

I just don't understand. I can't bring myself to do anything related to school without dreading it horribly. I hate Calculus and Physics, and if I could invent a time machine, I'd go back and murder Issac Newton and his scholastic ilk. Of course, I'd probably need Physics to invent a time machine. Assholes.

As others have been telling me, it's all about change. I will be going to a state school this fall instead of RIT, so hopefully things will be shaken up a bit. I feel as though I'm thoroughly disinterested in what happens during my days on this earth, and if that's the case, I need to do something fast to change that, because life is way too short to live half-assed.

By the way, fellow noders, Sigur Ros rules!