I’m not sick anymore!
I finally got rid of that nasty little bug. It was giving me massive diarrhea, headaches, and everything else that comes with being sick. I had taken many medications to try and solve my problem, until I found the perfect one. Loperamide Hydrochloride, I bought it from the pharmacy in ShopKo. My doctor had to prescribe it, so it was strong stuff. But I take three pills a day and bing-batta-boom, I’m all better. I can eat all the foods I want to, and all the sugar I can digest. I went to school today in a wonderful mood, no more 18 trips to the restroom a day, and no more lack of sleep. It’s good to be back!

Soccer Tryouts are advancing.
Today after school in Mr. Riby’s AP Euro classroom, there was a meeting for interested soccer players for the highschool team. I being very athletic and interested decided to give it a shot. I haven’t played on competitive soccer teams in four years, and I’m pretty rusty, but why not give it a shot? This year the odds are in my favor. I go to a AAAAfour A’ highschool, but we are the second smallest AAAA in the state of Utah. So with very few people going to my school, and all of the major athletes going to other highschool’s to get better programs, I will probably make the team. Twenty five people showed up to the meeting, 18 times two teams, Junior Varsity and Varsity, make the final cut. In other words, unless a large interested body come to tryouts March 6, 2003, there’s no way I can’t not make the team. Good luck, to myself...

My Marketing presentation.
Today in fourth period, Marketing with Mrs. Owen, we had our semester test, and Marketing presentations due. The test took forty minutes, and all I need is 80% correct to get a passing grade, I will. My group is well built because I only work with the best, so we are going to get an A.

We had to make a make, create, and put together a few items:

Our group project was called STRIK Video Game. We were to make an imaginative company that actually could be created and survive in today’s world. It had to be realistic, and we had to have facts such as costs, where the company would be located, etc. The project was a success and the presentation lasted the required twenty minute time. Thanks to my team’s hard work, we did well.

STRIK V.G., we sell and rent video games. Want to try out that new video game, or want to decide what to rent or buy? The benefit to shopping at our store is we have every gaming system available in the store for you to play and try out. (Me speaking to the class.)