Father Ted, Series 2, Episode 9

One beautiful sunny morning, Ted comes down to the living room just to find out a strange hairy growth on Father Jack's hands: the ominous hairy hands syndrome has struck again. As stage 6 of the hairy hands seems to be incurable, Jack is being whisked away to an old priests home, and Ted and Father Dougall rejoice in the abscence of Jack's regular abuse and hygienic catastrophes.

FR.TED: Do you remember that time he gave you a big kick up the B-O-T-T-Y!?! Ha ha ha...
DOUGAL: And do you remember Ted, when you were bending over him, and... he held your nose so tight that you had to open your mouth and then he dropped a big spider in it!?! Ha ha ha!
FR.TED: No that wasn't funny Dougal, it was funny when he kicked you up the arse!

One morning though, a large, broad shouldered priest with an enormous, er, Ghettoblaster, a mullet perm and a gold chain sits in Jacks old chair. Father Fintan Stack turns out to be a rude, destructive, obnoxius bastard that listens to jungle day and night and is rather impolite to Ted's friends:

FR.STACK: What are we watching?
FR.KEN:We're looking at the sports day.
FR.STACK: Lots of young fellas running around in shorts. That's the kind of thing you like lookin' at. And I bet you like that too. Only you're probably imagining what they'd look like without shorts. You're sitting there imagining that, with a big smile on your face. Ya dirty fecker!

When Father Stack starts destroying the house by randomly drilling holes into the walls, Ted and Dougall decide to rescue Father Jack from the old priests home. They make a daring and successful escape from "Jurassic Park" and end up in their parochial house, just to see that Father Fintan contracted the hairy hands.

The credits roll over the pieceful old priest home at night, when suddenly a blast of jungle attacks the senses!