The thing about it being my birthday is that I was rather required to drink a little last night. After about 7 pints I was a bit tipsy, and got to singing quite rowdily with Simon, my roommate. I assume that I then must have intended to go to bed. That's where the memory stops.

At about 6.30 I got into a shoving match with the person next to me in the bed. What? Why's someone in my bed? Er... um... This isn't my bed. Excuse me.

The fact that I woke up sharing a bed with a first year was a little disturbing both to me and the guy whose bed it was. I don't know how I got there. I have been assured that I just walked in at about 2 am and climbed into bed. The guy was too scared to kick me out! But I don't believe it. I must have been carried... or something.

The day started a bit less normally than I would have liked and got odder. Before breakfast (yes, someone had to try very hard to waken me from my own bed) I went to the school theater and watched The Wizard of Oz with pedrolio and some other non-noders. Not only our eyes were bombarded with splendour in this operation, but also our ears, as we played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon AT THE SAME TIME!!! Apart from a few bits, the synchronicity was amazing. Obviously, it isn't coincidence.

The day has been getting better but I am still waiting for my headache to wear off and for someone to jump out and say it was all a joke... or a bad dream...