What - Sophomore year of college - Chem 41 - Organic Chemistry.

When - Typical Tuesday Homework Session All-nighter.

Caffeine Source - two six packs of Cappio iced cappuccino beverage and a liter of Mountain Dew.

The student run convenience store in our dorm started stocking Cappio, and it quickly became a favorite of the all-nighter-finish-the-homework-the-night-before-its-due crowd as a source of motivation. I purchased 12 bottles of Cappio in preparation for many such nights. However, the assignment that Tuesday was particularly engrossing and I managed to down all twelve along with a liter of mountain dew. I finished the assignment just in time for the 10 am class.

Feeling rather bushy-tailed after the ordeal, I decided not only to turn in my assignment, but actually sit through the one hour lecture that was to follow. This was where I learned the meaning of 'coming down' firsthand. I was sitting at my desk, taking notes and feeling rather pleased with myself when about 20 minutes into the class - my body trembled. My jaw dropped as my head leaned to one side. My hand collapsed mid-sentence and the pencil fell to the floor. I slumped down in my chair, feeling about as tired and miserable as was possible.

My body had consumed all the caffeine in my 12-Cappio 1-Liter Mt. Dew binge and was ready to sleep. I sat through the remainder of the lecture with preternatural will-power, and went back to my room and slept the rest of the day.

After this kind of training in college, my body is caffeine saturated, and I often drink a pot of coffee in the morning without ill-effect. Caffeine is a part of me, a matrimony of chemical and biochemist.

BTW, does anybody know how to pronounce Heloise, of Hints from Heloise fame? Is it:

Hel oys - like Hell Boys?
Hellis - like Ellis Island?
Hel wahs - like something french?
apparently its Hella-wheeze. Thanks folks.