Why would someone attack my random collection of nodes with negative votes? I had been away from E2 for a couple of days and I decided to use the E2 Node Tracker to see what's happened recently. And then it comes up on my screen that my total rep has dropped 18 points and my XP has dipped 7 in one attack. There were 20 separate attacks on my nodes (and surprisingly, a positive boost on one node), ranging from wrestling to baseball to television to computers to Elizabeth Taylor. Someone decided to give me a swift kick in the nuts.

I assume it was just one person since if there were a group of people I could have expected to see a multiple of attacks on each node. I just don't know why this person decided to downvote everything I've done. I've been very quiet in the catbox, I've sent only friendly messages to people, and my only debate was on the English/French status in Quebec (and I gave up because his argument was better than mine).

Sigh. I was kind of enjoying not having ANY nodes in the negative zone. Now I have 8 of them. Oh well. What can you do?