Sensual Leg Shaving Explained

The unassailable Ms. T has provided us with an admirable introduction to the practice of leg shaving.  As always, her writing is well researched, poignant and draws on a wealth of personal experience in the field.  That said, I thought that it might be useful to expand on one component of leg shaving that is lightly touched upon, and which I feel is rather extraordinary.  To wit the almost orgasmic sensual pleasure that some women experience during the course of sensual leg shaving!

I've had the honor of experiencing the Sensual Leg Shaving phenomenon at close hand on several occasions in the course of my life, and since it involves a level of intimacy that many men never experience with a woman, I feel compelled to comment on it for the sake of posterity.  

Let me say by the way of introduction, that not all women are capable of experiencing Sensual Leg Shaving, and that most of those that do, don't experience it every time they shave.  For some women however, some of the time, the pleasure of a long soaky bubble bath followed by a nice leisurely leg scraping is more fun than sex.   And a whole lot less messy as well.

It's also worth pointing out that the onset of leg shaving ecstasy has only been observed in women who have the luxury of a warm bath, the appropriate "wetting agent," and a sharp razor.  If, in attempting to explore this yourself, you encounter a woman in the midst of Dry shaving, back away slowly, keeping your eyes on the floor until you are out of sight.  Dry shaving is not the same thing at all.

As mentioned above, the optimal conditions for sensual leg shaving generally include a hot bath and a sharp blade.  Other useful conditions may include some Neil Diamond music, and a large pitcher of her favorite umbrella drink (Margarita, Pina Colada, Dark & Stormy etc.).  The temperature of the bathroom is important as well, it should be warm enough to comfortably allow her to remove her clothes, but not so hot as to cause the onset of perspiration.  Women shouldn't sweat, they should glow.

Of course, at this point a critical question arises; how, under these salutary conditions, can a man arrange to be present, if only as an observer.  This is a difficult and subtle question with no single correct answer.  As I mentioned above, I've been privileged on more than one occasion to be allowed to observe a sensual leg shaving, but I can't reliably offer up any formula for the magic except perhaps to note that I've never been "with" a woman for less than five years, and I've been married for over twenty years now.  It's a little speculative, but I'd posit a guess that a deep level of intimacy is involved somehow.  In addition, and this may be capable of being rectified, part of the problem may be that most men don't know to ask their women to let them watch a good sensuous leg shaving.  In leg shaving as in love, if you don't ask, you're probably not going to receive.

So how does a sensual leg shaving proceed?  Well, the general format is as Ms. T has described, warm bath, Mach III, wetting agent, leg hairs absorbing the fat warm vibe of the tub and  the "live a little ," concept hanging like a moist cumulus cloud over the scene.  The pitcher of umbrella drink should be about half empty, and Neil Diamond or some other male-singer-with-a-cute-butt singing about how much he loves her or someone just like her, et cetera.  If she leans her head back on the little shelf at the back of the tub and issues a long sigh with her eyes closed, things are looking good.  Your job as a privileged observer at this point is to keep her glass full and otherwise remain quiet.  She'll start talking when she's ready to.

Once the conversation begins again, keep it light and don't pick any fights.  This is not the time to ask about the dent in the car, or even wonder aloud what's for dinner.  Chit chat and low level gossip are always good, but let her lead the conversation.  You'll find that as she begins to talk again, she will almost autonomically begin to make the preparations for leg shaving.  This is a crucial moment,  if you become too observant and start asking rude questions, all is lost.  Use your peripheral vision, and pretend to fuss with topping off her drink again to pass the time.  What you are about to experience is fascinating, and you may have a hard time maintaining your composure.  Other parts of you may be hard as well, this is a sensual leg shaving after all. 

The detached and objective professionalism with which most women treat leg shaving comes as somewhat of a shock to most men.  After all, to see the very same legs that have roused your hormones into a near froth of testosterone madness be treated so cavalierly is surprising in itself, but to see the flash of surgically sharp steel following every subtle nook and cranny of a shapely female limb rouses all sorts of deep and probably best unelucidated male emotions.  In short, it's a real turn on, so brace yourself.  

The shaving part takes a long time, even though the individual strokes are as quick and clinical as a surgeon stitching up a wound.  During this period, she may not appear to be experiencing the same level of pleasure that you are.  Do not fear, she is getting the benefit and self satisfaction of a job done well, and the best is yet to come.  

Once she has finished, be sure that her glass is filled, and the music is playing, and the bath is still warm, and the cat has been chased off of the sink.  Now stop talking and perhaps even leave the room for a few seconds while she sinks deeply into the warm water of the bath, closes her eyes and lets fly with the sweetest little sighing sound ever heard.  If you recall the lyrical serenity of the Forest God in Princess Mononoke, you'll get some inkling of this special moment.  This part feels so good that she may bite her own lip gently, roll her head back and, generally melt with pleasure like a pool of girl Jell-O.  If she suddenly begins to flush and look embarrassed or shy, well, you can probably guess what just happened!

And that's all I've got to say on that subject.