A type of shaving device made up of a handle usually consisting of a pair of pieces of material, rivetted together on one end, and with a pivot point and the blade of the razor between them on the other. Designed so that when the blade is folded, the razor fits between the pieces of handle and is covered from damage. The razor itself is usually hollow ground, made out of forged steel, and very very sharp.

I know women who find men that shave with a straight razor to be more attractive. My theory on this phenomenon is that a.) the result is very very smooth. b.) these girls think it's really bad ass.

Also an effective knife fighting device. These blades are extremely sharp, and any sort of contact with the edge in a hostile fashion is likely to leave deep cuts. My father's advice on the subject was "If you're ever in a fight, and the other guy pulls out a straight razor, run. He probably knows what he is doing, and you're just going to get fucked up."

It is often said that nothing, and I mean nothing, says psychotic motherfucker quite like a straight razor.

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