The only dream of any coherence I've had for ages, and of course it's E2-related. I was looking at a node, or intending to write it, and found it was already there. Something like the Waterfall of the West or the Rainbow Curtain - a fine rainbowy fall of water covering the whole sky, far in the Elysian west, a permanent feature. I learnt from this write-up that it was actually in Ireland, out in the country west of Dublin.

The noder's name was new to me. Two words, first beginning with A, I think: call them AmbientWave for the purpose of this dream log, but that wasn't quite it. I was about to look them up, when I got a message saying my own write-up on a similar subject had been cooled by this same AmbientWave and by someone familiar: heyoka or cordelia, perhaps. It surprised me that they could do it together: I assumed it was a sporadic bug like double posting, when they happened to hit the C! simultaneously. (They were both named in the one message from Cool Man Eddie.)

Now I clicked on AmbientWave and found they had only that one write-up, but several hundred XP. Okay, a user of standing who'd weeded out their write-ups, but I wondered whether they'd been blessed with C!s: another E2 feature new to me. (Memo to self: take a break!) I investigated them some more: it almost seemed as if this user had anticipated my noding by searching out my own.