Yesterday I went shopping after class thinking that I would need all sorts of clothes for my new job. Today I have mostly slept and fooled around on social media. I haven't written any fiction for a while and I miss it, but apparently not enough to actually do anything about it. I've been invited over to the home of a sister of mine to celebrate Memorial Day, and I have mixed feelings about this. Today I was determined to get back on the eating better wagon so I made myself an apple and celery juice for breakfast that was absolutely delicious, and now I wish I would have written down what I did even though I know next time I will just go with what I have and toss that into the hopper as I go.

Late last night I looked into what it would take to get into the yoga instructor classes offered at a place near me. For just over $3K I can go as a student, or a teacher. The class meets one weekend a month for seven months, on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would like to do this, and now I just have to break it down into smaller steps that are more achievable, the first of which involves actually doing something physical and movement related every day. The second is financial, how can I raise or save money to afford this, and the third is time, energy, and food related. I would need to make sure that the job I have is okay with this, and that I can make these two seemingly crazy things overlap.

I also want to get into property and casualty insurance, and now wish I would have done both or either of these things long ago, but that's how life is, it tends to be easier to see what one could have, should have, done viewed retrospectively. It was so nice to get some actual sleep. I feel slightly drugged today, doubtless a side effect of the allergy meds, but they are so wonderful because sleeping and breathing without the horrid facial pain from inflammation has been a dream come true. I sabotaged my new found healthy eating habits after having a bunch of chips and chocolate after my lunch, but I'm going to forgive myself for that because it's done and in the past.

Maybe someday I will write up things like how you can put anything into a sushi roll and call it a meal, just like I want to write about corkage and cakeage fees since I just was on a Twitter thread where they were involved, and it's something I learned and remember from the brief period of time when I worked at the menu place which was probably the very best job for someone with my skills, talents, and work ethic, and still makes me sad because I can't forget how insanely awful the interpersonal relationships were there. Today I am sort of comfortably numb to borrow a particular phrase from an artist I admire.

All my best,


P.S. Proud of myself for these past few days in a way I can't articulate, but maybe you know what I mean anyways.


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