On Friday night I went to the pub with three friends. After a few drinks closing time was upon us and feeling the pangs of hunger we ventured across to the Fried Chicked place over the road. Having ordered our sustinence and heartily set about it a strange looking guy sat down opposite me. He was obviously a tramp or a crazy guy and he proceeded to open a box of blue pills. He turned them out onto the table and started counting them out saying,
One chip, two chip, three chip, four
I was looking for something something* and I wanted some more
I was walking around and he called me a spastic
So I exchanged fried chicked for elastic.
Having finished this he turned to one of my friends and in a strong scottish drawl inquired,
"Do ye want some Valium, lad?"
To which the obvious response was thank you for the kind offer, but no. We had some chips left so we proferred these to him and he, again clearly grateful offered us yet more valium. This guy was clearly gifted in a way we could not understand so I obtained some paper and a pen and began to note down his musings. His next and final poetical offering was,
One chip, two chip, three chip, four
I was looking for Bin Laden in a cave so high
I was looking for Bin Laden and he started to cry
I was looking for Bid Laden and he gave me a slap.
I hear cries from admist the unbelievers that this verse does not scan properly yet I ask of you who are we to criticise what we cannot truly comprehend.

I travelled home truly enriched for this experience and ready to face another day.