Here's a little something I captured out of the Chatterbox last year. I found it on my hard drive (the file was dated 8/24/2000), and I thought you might enjoy it.
This is not a daylog.

<sensei> Oh oh. dbrown is in town. We might go down. Don't let us go down, dbrown.
<sensei> So, I gather not so much.
<Ground Control> Let's go for a night on the town in an evening gown, dbrown
<me> . o O ( Sensei = Dr Seuss? )
<sensei> dbrown, dbrown. Such a nice sound.
<Gorgonzola> Will we go down from a server crash? Will we go down from corned beef hash?
<sensei> It makes me feel round to say "dbrown".
<sensei> You know what I've found about Mr. dbrown?
<sensei> When he is around, the server goes down.
<Gorgonzola> Will we get a new perlfu script? Will the big red switch be flipped?
<sensei> Under the mound is where we'll be found until the server goes up again, thanks to dbrown.
<ailie> not for me! i sent dbrown cookies in exchange for a promise that e2 would never be down. MUAHAHAHAHHA!
<sensei> Ah! It is because of ailie that we are here daily!
<sensei> I thought it was nate who controlled our fate.
<ailie> i sent nate cookies too.
<dem bones> CHECK.
<simonc> A host is a host from coast to coast, and no one will talk to a host that's close, Unless the host (that isn't close), is busy, hung or dead. - RFC 1127 "A Perspective on the Host Requirements RFCs"
<Gorgonzola> If it's truly nate who controls our fate, then it's not too late to be EDB bait!
<sensei> POOF
briiiiian want cookie
<baffo> Methinks the collective mind has taken a dip into methanol.