AAAAAAAAAGH! I'M ABOUT TO GO FUCKING NUTS!!! Somehow, some damned cricket found it's way into my home. Under normal circumstances I would not be bothered, but we're nearing the end of summer - which means chirping. And as loud as this damn thing is chirping I can't find him. Sadly, the chirp comes from somewhere dangerously near the china cabinet, which means no random smashing and pray he gets hit. If he's here in the morning he will die a terrible terrible death. Terrible.

On another note, as this was my best friends' "last day of freedom" before their school begins again, we ate at Haufbrau Steakhouse tonight. All was well - until Justin decided to play a joke on the help. The two of them split from my table such that there were three tables, one for each of us. Justin pretended to have just broken up with his girlfriend and was crying and depressed. Josh decided to hit on every, and I do mean EVERY, waitress in the joint. I simply helped Justin's story, avoided Josh, and tipped our waitress, Alithia (caucasian, 5'10, brunette, great body, gorgeous eyes), very well. I also got her number afterwards, which NORMALLY would make me happy. Sadly, we got into a conversation about drinking - which she does, ALOT. She is also a "social" druggy it seems (having done crack, ecstasy, pot, acid and a few other drugs). While I don't care if people do drugs on their own time, I can't be with someone who does in a romantic way. On a side note - Justin and I informed every waitress Josh hit on that he was gay and that this was a game he played to see how many "straight" women would go for him. They bought it. Josh hurt us upon finding out. A fun time was had by all.

Update - I have found the cricket, but cannot access him. His is indeed near the china cabinet - behind it that is. This is a BIG piece of furniture, I cannot move it - therefore I cannot kill him. Crafty little fucker...
Update #2 (well, extension of first post, not so much an update, but I digress...) - The day has become slightly better. One of my best female friends, Crystal, has just broken up with her asshole boyfriend for the second time in two weeks. She has informed me that if he comes back AGAIN, she will not have him. I am quite please, and informed her that he was nuts. Anyone who would give up someone so beautiful, talented and kind must have something wrong with him. She believes he was cheating on her. I sent him an email informing him of his hideous mistake (blind carbon coppied to crys of course). I also informed Crystal that he was nuts, and were she single... well she is, so nevermind... had she not just broken up with someone after two years of togetherness and probably in pain I'd ask her out in a second. To which she smiled (text anyway) said she appreciated that someone thought of her for once, said goodnight and logged off. Hopefully, she'll remember who thought of her later when I do ask her out.