Left wing and enforcer for the Chicago Blackhawks since 1994, formerly of the Detroit Red Wings, from 1983-1994. Rare is the game when you don't hear the speakers announcing "Blackhawk left wing #24, Bob Probert, 5 minutes for fighting...", followed by mad cheers from the United Center crowd. Probert has been a fan favorite since his Detroit days, when he first gained his reputation for fast, aggressive play. Unlike most of his fellow enforcers, he's not too bad a player, either, or at least wasn't back in the day (before 1996), while still on cocaine.

Bob Probert is a minor hero of mine, and his picture (one of him beating the snot out of Tie Domi) hangs right above my computer, right next to Richard Nixon. Most of my fondest Blackhawk memories are of Probert, right before he gets sent to the box. I'll post stats when I'm feeling less lazy.