Please excuse me for noding something that is both a URL and an in-joke, but has become a well-known website on almost the same scale as All Your Base, without creating the obnoxious splash that All Your Base did. is put together by a kid named Robert. It is all about Ninjas, and how they are totally sweet because they flip out and kill people. Robert wants to make it clear how totally awesome ninjas are, and to dispell myths about ninjas, like they are afraid of slicing off people's heads.

This site, like other great internet humor sites, such as Seanbaby, works because it piles ridiculousness on ridiculousness. Some people may find the joke stupid, but personally after the 12th reference to wailing guitars and hot babes, the joke becomes funnier, not less funny. Especially when you are in a room with seven people suffereing sleep deprivation and repeating the same joke.

Despite the ridiculousness, the site's author actually does manage to develop his personality, and his subject matter, in a somewhat subtle manner, albeit a subtly clothed with such phrases as "a pirate with the lasers and everything".

At the very least, don't let your other net junkie friends become more hip then you. Go to right now. It is Totally sweet.