I wouldn't normally dream log, but last night (akay, actually this afternoon, since I slept until 1 PM) I had a dream that involved e2. In my dream, I was following around Hemos and Nate and maybe some other e2 Gods. They were all going to a park in Portland, OR, near where Oaks Bottom is. They were attending some kind of important VA Linux meeting or something.

Anyway, I was following them around with doggish devotion, but when I went down to their meeting site in the park, I saw that they had some bears running around. So I ran into the Willamette river, even though Hemos and Nate were laughing at me, and feeding food to the bears. (Even in the dream, I realized that residents of Holland, MI are not as well innoculated with the knowledge of how dangerous bears are, and may think of them as cute tows). Anyway, the bear followed me into the water, and I remember bobbing in the water, waiting for the killing blow, thinking "is this the end?".

But I suppose it is hard to die in a dream, and I woke up soon to see the entire scene cleared out and the various Gods apologetic about inviting bears into their domain.