I took some Benadryl before going to bed tonight because I have been having a bout of insomnia, a condition that has been reoccuring with me now after a few months of easy sleep.

I knew before taking it that it would give me some pretty eerie dreams, it usually does. The dreams I have after taking benadryl (diphenahydramine) are usually many times weirder and scarier to me then their content would make them seem. A benadryl dream about stubbing my toe is going to scare me more then a normal dream about having a kitten crawl out of my chest.

The only dream I can remember now, right after waking up, is about watching Eric Clapton record unplugged. In the dream George Harrison and Tom Petty were with him, playing Layla together. I was watching in the studio, and it felt a little weird to be hearing a man a few feet away sing about stealing the wife of the man next to him. But the music was good.

George has a wild unkempt look to him, his hair being much longer and greyer and bushier that I usually imagine. His eyes had a far away gleam in them.

Of course, when I woke up, wobbly legged around 3 AM PST, I got on the internet and found out the news. Then this suddenly innocent dream begin to make sense to me. This is a very weird event.