When you have to work in a 12'x15' foot room with two other people, you tend to get to know them pretty well. I work with two other guys, one of whom has been getting on my nerves in the past few days. His name is Joseph, and I think he is suffering from terrible identity crises.

I think it started with the glasses. Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against glasses at all, but when you don't have a perscription, and continually wear glasses with clear lenses, one just has to wonder what kind of statement is trying to be made here.

Next came the pretzels. He discovered that he could buy those six inch pretzel sticks that they sometimes give out at italian resteraunts. He brings them to work in a little case that he keeps in his breast pocket. Every once in a while he will pull one out, carefully remove all the salt crystals off of the abnormally long and straight pretzel, place them carefully into an ashtray on his desk, then he will proceed to hang the pretzel out of his mouth as he works, as if it were a cigar! This guy has never smoked a cigarette, joint, cigar or anything in his entire life! And the most irritating part is that he will pull the 'cigar' out of his mouth, exhale loudly, then turn it around, and loudly munch on the other end. He will then turn it back around, tap the 'cigar' in the ashtray, then shove it back into his mouth!

To top all, today he came in with his hair dyed black (from its original brownish red) and insisted that we should now refer to him as Palmer. The other co-worker complied, as he thinks that this whole situation is just hilarious. I myself think don't think I can take it much longer.

This has been one of those nodeshell rescues.