The first part of the ancient cheer of fans of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats CFL team. It goes...

Oskee wee wee!
Oskee wa wa!
Holy mackinaw!
Tigers eat 'em raw!

Really. Don't ask me for a translation - I'm just a dumb foreigner, though I'm old enough to remember Tommy Joe Coffey, Garney Henley, and Angelo Mosca.

Ontario provincial law states that you have permission to slug, deck, or otherwise open up a can of whoop ass on any adult male you hear utilizing this cheer. You are protected in any venue, since this law also makes you an automatic "Ontario Embassy", and, thus, you fall within the jurisdiction of the aformentioned law. I'm told p_i knocked out a couple of drunken Ti-Cats fans ("Oskee wee wee! Oskee..." BANG! ZOOM!, and then a dull thud on the ground outside B.C. Place) after this year's Grey Cup game - perfectly legal, as I've stated.

The next time you see Bob Young sporting a black eye...

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