Exercise log:
  • Pushups: 45
  • Side-kicks: 45, each side
  • Power crunches: 40
Insomnia log: Moderate. I took matters into my own hands and had a couple tokes of marijuana, which helped immensely. I don't like cheating, but I really didn't want to lay awake all night, waiting for my brain to shut down.

I'm nervous and excited about my date tomorrow night. I haven't really been out on a real date in over a year, maybe two. I've had sex in that time, but no real dates. I feel young and silly, but it's a nice feeling.

Glider rides are really expensive. But I might be going to a rave in western Mass on Saturday, anyway. The catholic schoolgirl might be going with me, I don't know yet.

The house is being sold. It's a pretty sure thing at this point. The buyer has 3 days to back out. She'd better not, or I'll be pretty pissed off.

The house we're renting looks pretty nice, and more importantly, it's three minutes from where I work and about a half hour from my old college, where the girl lives. Much better than the hour's drive I used to have. I just can't deal with that kind of drive on a regular basis.