Lots of dreams last night. I fought with the snooze button for a solid three hours this morning, which always seems to induce dreams. Unfortunately, it always wakes me up from them at the wrong moments.

  • Alfred Stud: I visit Alfred University, and while in the computer lab, I hit on a girl I know, who is a cross between this girl I like and this girl that sorta broke up with a friend of mine recently. Anyway, she invites me to her room, but then this other girl comes along. The other girl is a girl I actually met at Alfred, and was supposed to have a fling with, but it never got off the ground. She seemed disapproving, but didn't say anything while I made out with the first girl. It was very erotic, even though the second girl was busy playing video games in the room with us. I kept trying to turn it into a threesome, saying, "Let's make the beast with three backs!" It didn't work. I'm not sure what happened after that.

I had a bunch of other dreams, but I don't really remember them. I'm pretty sure I flew in a couple of them, which is always the classic "throw yourself at the ground and miss" kind of flying in my dreams.