Thomas Atkins: I want a job.
Employer: You aren't a very useful employee, so I'll only pay you $3.00/hour.
Thomas Atkins: That's the best offer I've gotten. I'll take it.
* Thomas Atkins works 40 hours/week at $3.00/hour for $120/week.
Government: The poor people need higher wages. Let's set the minimum wage are $5.00/hour.
Employer: You're not worth $5.00/hour and I'm not allowed to pay you less. Sorry, you're fired.
Thomas Atkins: Now I'm getting nothing.
Government: The people without work need support. We'll give them $100/week to keep housed/fed/clothed. (See Welfare)
Thomas Atkins: I'm still getting less then before they set minimum wage
Government: We'll raise the Welfare pay out to $120/week.
Thomas Atkins: Cool! I'm getting paid as much as before but I don't have to work! I like it!
Consumers: Now we're paying him with our tax dollars to do nothing but we no longer have the service(s)/product(s) he created when he had a job.