Something most students (High school,College & University) are looking for to supplement the habit of drinking cold crisp beers in the summertime sunshine. FT jobs are generally preferred, but finding these are challenging in the workforce that demands 10 years experience for any kind of pay that would supplement school tuition. Whats left available is often called Minimum Wage slutting

These jobs, often 2 or three held at one time, include;

  • Grass Cutting/Landscaping
  • House Painting & power washing
  • Security Guarding
  • Rickshaw runners
  • Factory drone worker
  • Book stripping
  • Telemarketer
  • Hot-dog stand vending
  • Amusement park clerking
  • National Exhibition balloon dart game hosting
  • Janitorial cleansor
  • Coffee Go-fer

    Name any others you can think of, or have done.
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