1/21/02--UPDATE:, for once, Mrs. General's hectic schedule allows her to come along, too. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, she cooks even better than me (and smells better, too). Also, instead of Babe the Blue Ox, we'll be in the fancy little car with no lid. Woohoo--booze for all !!!!

Get this shit: I'm coming to ATL, and General Sherman by God better not be anywhere around. Hopefully y'all have taken his matches away by now. Think what the bastard could have done with one of my high-falutin' crack lighters. Bastard.

Anyway, I will be travelling north from the WMBB on Friday afterlunch, through the thriving metropolis of Dothan, AL, and then Eufaula. Thence northward into GA; Columbus to ATL at a speed Babe the Blue Ox wasn't designed to travel, but will anyway, under the heel of my boot.

Those brave souls who would like a ride this way or that are invited to pay yer money and take yer chances. Actually, you won't have to pay anything unless you want to chip in on the gas bill. /msg me or if the nice E2 instant massager whatchamacallit is on the blink, e-mail me at spiva@mac.com. See you there.

UPDATE as of 1/23/02: OK, I'm NOT bringing the fryer. However, there's still plenty of grease already in Georgia, even after General Sherman.