It happened! It was fun! Please Note that although it is stated otherwise below, my cell phone was in fact turned on but I was in a bookstore with discofever and dann where cell phones would not pick up a signal (and it was not 3 yet anyway). Thank you.

I want to thank everyone who came and everyone who helped with plans and other assorted details. Noders make excellent house guests.

The Plan
The official plans (official but not set in stone) are as follows. On the 26th we will meet at my apartment and gather the troops around 3 o'clock. Anyone who would like to come over and chill with myself and my guests from Nawlins' may come over whenever and if your around Friday night (around 8 or 9pm) we may be running about the city making trouble just call me to find out. There may be some galavanting during the afternoon before 3 on Saturday as well so call me on my cell phone if you are coming over before 3 on Saturday(I guarantee we will be back by 3 though).
The main plan is to go to R. Thomas for dinner so I would like to leave for there around 5 or so because we need to make sure we can get a table and space for everyone. After dinner at R. Thomas we will head back to my place (or wherever anyone wants to go) and hang/chill for the evening. I will be providing copious amounts of domestic beer. Everyone is welcome to bring their favorite beer or liquor seeing as I won't have anything imported and I don't drink a lot of liquor. I have two general rules for my apartment: no smoking inside (sorry), no illegal substances. However, my carpet is very alcohol friendly and my room contains foosball, darts, computers, and several Playstations. Drinking and Driving is not allowed (I'm not a stickler but if you've had too many then ye shalt not drive) either so plan ahead. R. Thomas: Good place, good people, nuff said. All plans are tentative and flexible.

120 North Avenue Atlanta, Georgia 30313.
My address will show up on mapquest but let me add to what is shown there. If you get off I 75/85 South at the North Avenue exit and turn right you are in good shape. After you turn right you will make the next left which has a road closed sign but that is ok this is Centenial Olympic Park Drive aka Techwood Drive. Drive down the street and you will see a U-shaped driveway on the left in front of a giant complex of buildings. You have now arrived at the Casa de Spacklage. You can't get in without my help so if everyone will be kind enough to call me when they arrive we can work things out. There are metal callboxes in the turnaround and you should dial the following 9-404-819-9440 (my cell phone so I will definately be able to answer your call). Take away that 9 and you can call me from any conventional phone. I will come and retrieve you and show you where to park. Please bring as few cars as possible. If you need specific directions from where you live msg me and we will figure it out. My floor is all full up. But the econolodge near jaypea is the coolest. the number is (770) 952-0052 and has more info, it's off leland drive in marietta.

Confirmed Guests

Noders have been moved to reflect who they are staying with.
# = have somewhere to stay and it is not a noder's place and it probly can't hold anyone else.
* = Live in Atl

It sure did happen, yes indeed.

Saturday started off innocently enough. I dragged my ass out of bed, checked my e-mail right quick, then drove down to Atlanta Airport to meet up with panamaus before he flew off to Los Angeles. Upon arriving at the Atlanta Bread Company inside the airport's Atrium (What? an atrium in an airport?), I discovered panamaus, jessicapierce, WonkoDSane, and ccunning ready to sit down. We sat, talked, and waited until panamaus had to depart.

After panamaus wandered off to his gate, us remaining noders went our separate ways, each agreeing to meet back up around 15:00 at Spackle's place. 15:00 comes, and I find a parking space on Centennial Olympic Park drive or whatever, and I make my way over to the building where I see several people talking. Observing the people, I see them all shaking hands in meet-and-greet style with people who have come downstairs from above. I figure these people probably have never met before, and they might just be noders. I wander over and say "I'm sorry... noders?", to an exhuberant "YES!" reply. We go upstairs to Spackle's apartment, and discover already present noders.

I make my entrance and introductions, and take my place among the conversations. Soon, more noders arrive, and the gathering has graduated to "full-effect mode". Once all have arrived, we shift gears and head to R. Thomas for dinner.

After some table-shifting, we all sit down to a snake-like arrangement of tables. Our server, "Ryan", (who looks a lot like Dido) did an outstanding job, and the food was very yummy. I got a portabello mushroom sandwich with a side of greens. The "freak-salt" they provided on the tables (made of sea salt, and various ground-up veggies) was actually pretty tasty.

Gamaliel does not like Zucchini.

There was a wine glass making the rounds around the table, and it contained a wine called "Fat Bastard". I found it amusing that the wine label, with its classic clipart picture of fruit, had the words "Fat Bastard" written in semi-elegant letters.

The bill, which incidentally was Ryan's largest bill ever, came to around $550 and change. She was pretty happy with the results of her hard work, and again, she did a fantastic job. She even managed to work a little bit of humor and happiness with her work.

In the parking lot of R. Thomas, we decided our next stop was going to be Dave & Buster's. Riding with piq and O-Swirl, we accidently miss the exit due to my miscalculation. We turn around at the next exit, and catch it on the way back. No problem.

Games are played, and I meet up with some friends from my former place of employment including my old boss. We part ways, and we find our way to the pool tables. Pool is played for the rest of the time spent at D&B's, and we finally make our way back to Spackle's place. dann and WonkoDSane play several energetic games of Foosball, and the night concludes. Segnbora-t's transport to her hotel room bailed eariler, but since their hotel is about 2 minutes from my apartment, I happily give her a lift there.

It was planned for breakfast to happen at Waffle House on Sunday, and Spackle said the best place would be the Waffle House on Howell Mill Road. Shortly after, he second-guessed and said "actually, I don't think it's on Howell Mill. It's on Northside Drive.", later retracting that and saying "No, it's definitely on Howell Mill. Go there."

Unfortunately, there's a Waffle House on both of those exits. (Would you expect any less from interstate exits?) Segnbora-t and I end up at the correct (heh) Waffle House on Howell Mill, while the rest of the breakfast contingent finds their way to the wrong House on Northside Drive.

With time to kill before her flight, Segnbora-t and I head to Underground Atlanta and subsequently, the World of Coca-Cola. We learned that some international sodas are really nasty, and that the entire world has their Coca-Cola delivered in nothing but glass Coca-Cola bottles. (Except England. They only have Diet Coke cans.)

I dropped Segnbora-t off at the security checkpoint at 2:30 because of the oddly long lines, and then headed back to my car to go home.

Another fun E2-Atlanta weekend for all!


Quick note: Spackle say "Call me on my Cell Phone!", then leaves said phone off all day. BAD SPACKLE. THAT'S A BAD SPACKLE. *hits with stick*

1/21/02--UPDATE:, for once, Mrs. General's hectic schedule allows her to come along, too. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, she cooks even better than me (and smells better, too). Also, instead of Babe the Blue Ox, we'll be in the fancy little car with no lid. Woohoo--booze for all !!!!

Get this shit: I'm coming to ATL, and General Sherman by God better not be anywhere around. Hopefully y'all have taken his matches away by now. Think what the bastard could have done with one of my high-falutin' crack lighters. Bastard.

Anyway, I will be travelling north from the WMBB on Friday afterlunch, through the thriving metropolis of Dothan, AL, and then Eufaula. Thence northward into GA; Columbus to ATL at a speed Babe the Blue Ox wasn't designed to travel, but will anyway, under the heel of my boot.

Those brave souls who would like a ride this way or that are invited to pay yer money and take yer chances. Actually, you won't have to pay anything unless you want to chip in on the gas bill. /msg me or if the nice E2 instant massager whatchamacallit is on the blink, e-mail me at See you there.

UPDATE as of 1/23/02: OK, I'm NOT bringing the fryer. However, there's still plenty of grease already in Georgia, even after General Sherman.

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