This node was a response to some now non-existet things, but I hope it's still of interest.

Well, if we're going into stereotypical thinking, take this for a stereotypical thought - women want men's company and emotional support, while men want women's bodies. I know many more men who would like to sleep with two lesbians than women who would like to sleep with two gay men, but I know more fag hags than dyke tykes. Makes you wonder
lioncub - I don't really think that partial suspension of disbelief leads to male attraction in this case. While social factors are obviously involved, our brain does sometimes work in a simple, stupid way. The simple excess of arousing visual stimuli is enough to account for the attraction the man may feel. So I agree about the difference in the dominant stimulation type for most fe/males, but disagree about the suspension of disbelief point.