I find myself sitting at George, who is now online through our nifty little linux network to the cable modem. Sweet blazing glory, the curse is lifted. Now the plans can unfurl like a roll of toilet paper on All Hallows Eve.
My first day at my new job. I think I finally found something I'm going to enjoy, and be paid well to do so. We make window treatments, from wound fibers of all colors. We wind the fibers around polyfoam strands, of thickness from about a 1/2" to over an inch, on a lathe setup. Then once the strands are done (with color [blends, bumps, and other effects), we affix them to cornices built specificaly for the customers windows. The shop is small, the owners and cool, and the attitude geared to stress free productivity. The co workers seem cool, at least they smoke, and it's in a nice area. Just in time, some big bills looming. Wish me luck.
Randy heads out of town tomorrow night for a day or so. It will be nice to have this place alone, for the first time. Nit that I can take advantage of it yet (besides running around naked reciting shakespearan verse).
Got the invite to CT from that girl I met there, heretofore known as Lilah. Should be fun, could use a friend from the old country (CT). Speaking of old friends, I think I shall drop in on Baltimore in two weekends to reclaim my stuff that I'm sure is gathering dust and bad karma. I need my paints. I need my memories back.
When I went back to Connecticut this weekend, I saw the for sale sign leaning against the pool deck. Guess my mom took it down for my arrival. Nice of her. If she doesn't get remortaged in a few weeks, she loses the homestead. Putting it up for sale is a stall tatic, but she remains blissfully optimistic. I remain thinking I need to get my stuff out of there before they lock it up. Wish her luck.
Moral lesson for the day-yielding right of way in traffic is better karma than stomping on the gas pedal and staring blankly ahead.