"You have to have time to feel sorry for yourself if you're going to be a good abstract expressionist."

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg were most definitely not abstract expressionists! They are associated with the pop artists, though both transcend the comparatively simple pop art of someone like Roy Lichtenstein. The pop movement was in part a reaction against abstract expressionism, looking on the latter as elitist and narcissistic (not an assessment that I agree with, BTW). They looked at popular culture for inspiration instead of high culture and thought their work was the antithesis of expressionism.

Rauschenberg’s early work is influenced by abstract expressionism to a limited degree. His monochromatic White Painting and Black Painting are probably what you are referring to, but they are not representative of his body of work. The difference between a Pollock action painting and a Rauschenberg combine may not seem like much in the greater scheme of things, and the latter does owe a debt to the former, in truth they come from two very different artistic points of view.