1930- American painter, sculptor and print maker, one of the 20th Century Painters

He began his career associated with Abstract Expressionism otherwise known as Neo-Dada.

In 1950's worked with Robert Rauschenberg and other Pop art figures. Later he branched out on his own. Early on used ordinary objects in his pieces as well as small anatomical plaster casts. He liked the forms of assemblage, printmaking, lithography and Encaustic Painting.

He did a long series of works with Targets and another using the American Flag as the basic elements.

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Source: Arnason, H.H., "History of Modern Art" Abrams, New York Last Updated 05.01.04

Johns appeared in an episode of The Simpsons, and gamely allowed himself to be portrayed as a brazen kleptomaniac. He is first encountered stealing food from the buffet at an art exhibition opening, warning Homer in chilling tones not to rat on him. Other thefts include a speedboat and a landscape freshly painted by Marge Simpson. This last he carries off with a cheeky "Yoink".

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