It's good to finally be awake. Not that I haven't had lots of fun the last couple of days, but I was exhausted. I spent most of Monday evening after work sleeping. Sunday was 16 hours of Everything as it was the fun filled Florida Everything Get-Together II in Ft. Myers. I will node about that soon. What I did with juliet's feather boa alone should get me mad xp. (I bet you're curious now, eh?) Monday was the early shift, another exhausting freshman orientation on five hours of sleep. But my University Experience class filled up yesterday. Yay! My paycheck is secure.

In my trunk is a Sony 300 disc CD changer I bought on the way to work. I can't exactly afford it right now, but hey, I deserve it. Okay, I really don’t deserve it, but what the hell. Service Merchandise is phasing out a lot of its departments so lots of stuff is on sale. I picked up the CD player for only $200.

I don't know what's going on with Maxed. Adnan is posting articles on a seemingly random basis. He just posted Kevin's Monday column today, and he has yet to post my news article about Amnesty International I wrote last week when the news was breaking. Now the news is a week old. So last night, I blew off my regular Tuesday column, because if Adnan was more interested in making T-shirts for his fraternity than updating the site, then I'm not going to lose sleep over an article he might not bother to post anyway.

Is this the first crack in the wing, so to speak, before the airplane crashes in flames? Or is it simply a sign of a bumpy road we have to endure before the content management software is up and running? Maybe I shouldn't be investing so much mental energy in this venture, but I can not help but get excited over a soapbox of this potential magnitude. Sure, I could go back to the Oracle and write for them, but then my articles would get badly edited by an idiot sophomore mass communications major, and if I feel like writing a three page article on the ancient Greek poet Archilochus, it won't get rejected because it's not "timely". I have total editorial control and a potential audience of thousands. How could I possibly pass up this opportunity?