The state in which I sleep; It's so comfortable that I can't sleep any other way when sleeping naked is an option. That's actually my greatest of secrets. I've only told two people, off the top of my head.

When I told the first, we were making out in her brother's room. She was too young, and I was too horny, and so as an attempt to get some more I decided to tell her this greatest secret of mine.

"Do you want to know my biggest secret?" I asked her.

"Sure," was the response.

"I sleep naked."

"Oh. Aren't you paranoid that someone will notice?"

"No. I'm an only child."


I didn't get any more that time, and I had squandered the intimacy of my greatest secret.

The next time was more legitimate. The girl, the oldest one, had just told me her greatest secret; to sum it up, it meant she had no interest in me whatsoever. She then wanted to know mine. When I told her, she decided to call me "Breezy" from then on.

This is the third and greatest use of my greatest of secrets.